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Pilar Furlong
Non-Profit Professional

Erica is one of the most passionate and caring individuals I’ve had to privilege to work with these past few years. She is a creative thinker and continually brings new ideas and positive energy to any team of which she is a part. I consider myself lucky to have worked with Erica and I would do it again in a minute!

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Catherine Ayers
Deputy Sector Navigator - Bay Area Energy Efficiency & Utilities

Erica Paul has provided consulting services to grant projects I've led over the past few years around energy education. She has the rare ability to provide practical advice on course content and classroom management to instructors in the energy efficiency sector, as well as big picture ideas regarding strategy for long term goals in projects. She’s a great project manager, persistent and conscientious until she reaches goals – and a pleasure to work with!

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Angela Molina
Construction Industry collegue

Erica is a very personable and compassionate professional who will listen intently to the need, and apply her skills to create the desired product with the utmost dedication and commitment." 2. "Erica is a dedicated professional who displays her beauty from the inside out." 3."It has been a blessing to know Erica for the past five years. Her beauty and warmth as a friend has helped me through the darkest times.

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Chaitanya Sharma

I had the pleasure of working with Erica on a sustainability project while she was at Cupertino Electric. I was particularly impressed by her leadership skills and an eye for detail. Her ability to conduct market research and develop excellent strategies based on it was remarkable.

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Rebecca Kale
Avon Walker & teammate

I had the pleasure of working with Erica on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. She was the Team Lead for our team and was responsible for organizing the crew, as well as setting up the tent services for the walkers. I found Erica to be highly motivated and organized. While I was exhausted the next morning she was up teaching a group yoga class to hundreds of walkers. Her passion and dedication to the organization as a volunteer as well as a walker is inspirational!

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David Enney
Project Manager/BAS Division - Air Systems Inc. An Emcor Company

I have to say how taken aback I was the first time I met Erica Paul. When I walked into the first day of a training and development course being taught by Erica I was pleasantly surprised to learn the high level of credentials Erica has amassed for herself. Instantly I was excited to realize that the content of the training class was going to exceed my expectations-which it did. Through the next 100 hours with Erica I discovered that her passion, enthusiasm and drive for empowering the success of those around her was contagious. I found myself the recipient of new organizational development techniques that I could apply real world immediately. I was so impressed with Erica's contributions both academically and on a community service level that it inspired me to take a follow up class with her immediately covering conflict resolution and mediation. Thank you so much Erica-and the free Yoga moments were priceless!

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Paul Aggarwal

Erica is a team player and collaborative allowing her to get results. She is passionate about her work which will lead her to give 110% effort and total attention to the goal.

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Mark Likeness
Curriculum Coordinator - Pipe Trades Training Center

I have been greatly impressed with Erica Paul’s energy and enthusiastic approach to teaching. Rarely have I encountered an individual with the drive and commitment that Erica possess. I’m grateful that someone with Erica’s unique talent and motivational skills has taken on our most challenging teaching assignments. The many future accomplishments of her students have been a reflection of her success.

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Myles Cowherd
Helping people create Lifetime memories

Erica Paul is one of the best among all people I have ever met. Honest, creative and strong strategist. Customer focused project management with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. Erica Paul definitely shines in a fast-paced environment.

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Matthew Waymire
VP Facilities at Layer42 Networks

As one of the Rosendin project managers on our data center, Erica consistently demonstrated an ability to work with a variety of personalities and creatively solve a number of problems to help deliver the project under a very tight deadline. Several of these issues would have pushed our project far past our deadline had it not been for Erica pushing toward completion on a daily basis

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Amy Brown
Associate Project Manager at JLL

Erica's enthusiasm and dedication are both inspiring and motivating. Erica works hard to build authentic relationships with her clients. It was a pleasure working with Erica.

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John Brown
VP Estimating at Rosendin Electric

Erica is detail oriented & very organized. She has a great work ethic & is very intelligent.

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William Ech
Production services Quality Control manager

While working with Erica I found her to be dedicated to cost savings, customer concerns and satisfaction. Erica was a valuable member to the team and was responsible for overseeing many aspects of the project. Erica is a take charge kind of individual that searches for solutions to problems rather than rely on others to solve them. Erica is a hand on team leader and player she dedicates herself to the project and I look forward to the opportunity to work with Erica again.