H.O.P.E Worldwide Consulting

Erica Paul is a woman in possession of extraordinary ambition and initiative.  While it is true the same could be said of many women today, what sets Ms. Paul apart is that her drive exceeds far beyond professional ladder-climbing and self-aggrandizement but rather is focused on bettering society at large, including work in environmental consciousness, social welfare, and the spiritual well-being of individuals.  Her list of professional experience and accolades is astonishing, but it is through her work in the community that Ms. Paul derives the most satisfaction.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, nothing was freely given Ms. Paul.  It has been through sheer hard work, discipline, and unwavering focus that she has accomplished so much, and it is these virtues – coupled with classroom/on-the-ground education and first-hand success in the field – that she applies to the needs of each individual client to help them reach their maximum level of potential and success.

At an early age Ms. Paul learned the value and necessity of hard work.  As the oldest of five children in a family suffering economic hardship, eight year old Erica began work washing cars, raking leaves, babysitting, and whatever other labor she could find in order to provide school clothes and supplies for her siblings.  This early experience of humble work – not for her own financial gain, but to better the lives of those she cares about – left an indelible impression on Erica and foreshadowed the future trajectory of her life and career.  Today, her mission is the same but the scope and objective is on a much greater scale.  To this end, Ms. Paul has volunteered a considerable amount of her time to work with charities and non-profit organizations, including serving as a Fundraising Ambassador/Team Leader for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Volunteer Coordinator for the AIDS Walk in San Francisco, Development Division Manager for the YMCA district 4, and Annual Gala Event Coordinator for the Silicon Valley Branch of the American Red Cross.  Not satisfied with focusing solely on the development of mind and body, Erica desired to uplift people through spiritual development and maturation.  In pursuit of this goal, she obtained her Yoga Instructor Certification from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and has gone on to work with incarcerated youths at the James Ranch Juvenile Detention Center in Morgan Hill CA, teaching them goal setting, career planning, and yoga, and serves as a Yoga Instructor and Life Coach at the Center For Spiritual Living’s Annual Women’s Retreat.